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This set of notes is intended to be my reference for C/C++. It is not meant as a means
to learn C or C++. Look for the correct syntax here but don't expect to learn the language.

pointers Static Methods
pointers and arrays Static Data Members
structures, arrays of structures Exception Handling
pointers on pointers to pointers Name hiding
Incrementing pointers Derived class constructor rules
Constant pointers Polymorphism and Virtual Methods
References namespace
Pass by Reference  
Return by Reference Typeid
Scope resolution operator I/O
Constructors Formatted output in C
Friend functions Calling C routines
Assertion Constructor Issues
Generic Classes (Templates) Inheritence Issues
Pure Virtual - abstract base classes Operator Overloading
enumeration - enumerated data type Structures
Inheritance Alloc/malloc/calloc
Inheritance Member Accessibility Anonymous Union


This page is undergoing a complete overhaul.

Please check back later.


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