So, you think you know what you're talking about, eh? I used to, but I started looking things up and found that often I didn't. I started keeping a list for myself and on occasion have used it as sort of a party game. Give this list a look and see how well you do. Then click the link for answers page, but not until you have given it your best try!

Have I made any mistakes? Do you have some additions? Let me know.

The answers are here

What exactly are:
  • archeology
  • anthropology
  • paleontology


What is Bastinado?
  • a musical tempo?
  • a type of pasta sauce?
  • a painter from the Renaissance?
  • or something else?
My fellow Americans... differentiate:
  • England
  • Great Britain
  • United Kingdom


What's the difference between:
  • assume and
  • presume?


What are the differences among (not between):
  • tantalizing
  • scintillating
  • titillating


Providence vs. Provenance


Provence vs. Province

Aren't these the same thing?
  • ass,
  • jackass,
  • donkey,
  • burro and
  • mule


What about:
  • cougar,
  • puma and
  • mountain lion


What about other big cats?



Hurricane vs. typhoon vs. cyclone
Monkey vs. ape


Dale, glen, vale and valley


Jail vs. prison?
Hay vs. Straw?
Neurosis vs. psychosis?
Libel vs. Slander?
Insure v. Ensure v. Assure?
cement vs. concrete?

OK, one for the computer folks...

What are the differences among hubs, switches, bridges and routers? After all they mostly look the same don't they?

The answers to these are here


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